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The intentions of this blog is to create a dialog for image related issues such as how to create an effect, the productions of an image, solutions to photographic or video problems, and for brainstorming ideas on imaging projects, so polish up your best glass and belly up to the keyboard.

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Written by:admin
Thursday, February 11, 2010 8:27 AM 

People, people, and more people, the streets swell the partiers and preformers, the balcons fill up even more.

Partiers user a foam spray as a confetti, spraying other partiers. Some times confetti wars break out and the streets turn into a blizzard of foam.

Marimondas, saucy maids, and scores of other carnaval characters show up.

The Queen of Carnaval de Barranquilla visits many of the villages around Barranquilla.

Marimondas on parade.Saucy maids dancing. A look back from one of the saucy maids dance group.

The music goes on with small groups called millo which got thier name from the flute used by many of the millo groups. This flute is made from the steam of the millo plant and has a distinctive sound.

As the evening rolls on three young friends dance on one of the flotes.

The fire breathers are always fun to watch in the evenings.

As prelude to the start of Carnaval there will be list of the different characters and dance groups to watch for in my blog and galleries. Let me know what you want to see.


Copyright ©2010 Jerry Sutherlin


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